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Five Parables makes plain the wicked results of usury.

What are the results of usury?

  1. Income tax is one result of usury: if we didnít have usury, we wouldnít have an income tax.
  2. Inflation is another result of usury: interest gained from usury is debt expense to the borrower, and must be paid; debt expense from interest mounts exponentially.
  3. War is another result of usury: as ever increasing debt expense is paid, and ever more bank notes consequently retired, ever larger loans must be spawned to keep sufficient bank notes in circulation.
  4. Government debt is a result of usury: governments go into debt because they borrow bank notes to use as money. Governments could never go into debt if they stopped borrowing bank notes, and simply dealt out government Bills of Credit. A money creatorís unearned gain from money creation is not simply purchasing whatever he wants. Ultimately, those with authority to put money into circulation, and take it out again, rule over everybody who buy or sell anything.

What exactly is Usury?

Money lent at interest is the dictionary definition of usury. This definition is disinformation. Usury is not money lent at interest, no matter how exorbitant the rate. In Babylonís golden age, King Hammurabiís punishment for usurers was to be cut up alive into very small pieces. Chopping up the lender hardly befits the crime of lending twenty dollars at interest, even at an exorbitant rate. Clearly, Hammurabiís definition of usury is much removed from our dictionary definition of usury. If Hammurabiís definition of usury is also not the prototypal or source definition of usury, what is?

Usury occurs when special interests take over some or all of a governmentís authority to move money into or out of existence. Whatever weakens a governmentís authority to create or destroy money, or advances nongovernmental authority over a nationís money cycle, is the prototypal definition of usury. The principal fact is that only a government Bill of Credit can be genuine money. Something valuable like a bank note, a warehouse receipt promising to pay silver or gold, or capital is never genuine money, but assets can be legal tender and substitute for genuine money, if government is sightless.

What are the results of outlawing Usury?

  1. Congress financed The War Between the States without usury, and thereby didnít add to the national debt, yet controlled inflation better than during World War I.
  2. The pyramids may have been built without usury. If so, they were great public works projects bringing prosperity and financial security to Egyptís middle classes whose hired labor built permanent infrastructure that benefited the entire nation without indebting the kingdom.
  3. Between 1933 and 1945 Nazi Germany dealt out Bills of Credit to build and repair infrastructure, and fight World War II, without adding to its national debt, while the U.S. piled up a mountain of debt during the same period by borrowing bank notes to build and repair infrastructure, and fight World War II.


If you learn only one fact from Five Parables, learn what usury is. Why is this important? If you understand the prototypal definition of usury, you will likely understand Five Parables, and if you do, you will outlaw usury because usury is treason. With usury outlawed, hope will come into flower: all will have a place at the table because Christís servant, faithful government, will establish justice in the earth.

Reasons why you shouldnít read Five Parables

Why visit a site thatís nothing but text, and worse, is Bible stuff? That in itself bores many and offends others. Then too, Five Parables is mostly New Testament stuff, so it may offend non-Christians. But most of all Five Parables may offend Christians, for no Christian I know, with the possible exception of one shy holy man, would claim, as Five Parables states, that:

Nonsense? Preposterous? Maybe.

If youíre still reading, consider who announces Jesusí teaching against usury: an obscure sculptor who flunked the only theology course he ever took in college! Why in the world would anyone visit the web site of a fool?

Yet if you forge on, youíre in for a delicacy. But it wonít be easy. Understanding Five Parables is difficult at best because of the enemiesí deceptions. Yet with a little focused hard work, a bright youth can comprehend its content and concepts. To start, its logic is contrary to what weíre accustomed to today. If we have an important point, we put it first or sometimes last to emphasize its importance. Jesus seems to put his most important point in the middle, with everything balanced around it to explain the middle. Such is Five Parables.



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